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For our Consignors


We look for wedding gowns that are on trend, usually 3 years old and less. Dresses must be in near new condition, and clean. You may choose to have us clean it for a $90 fee, payable at time of drop off.

 While we may consign older gowns, final sale price will reflect. If we choose not to consign your gown, no hard feelings, it's just not right for our collection at this time. 

The Process

Please email us a PICTURE of your gown along with DESIGNER name, STYLE number, and where you purchased. Your appointment request will be accepted or declined based on information emailed to us. Once your appointment is approved, you will bring your gown in and leave it with us for a minimum of 30 days. Generally we will keep a gown for up to a year. When your gown sells, we will notify you and arrange payment. Please have patience and do not send messages asking if your gown has sold. Gowns can take time to find the right bride! 


Our commission rate for Consignment is 50%. Gowns under $500 and accessories are split 60/40. We allow our Consignors to choose their initial listing price but will make suggestions if welcomed.

For Our Consignees


Should you find a gown that uniquely suits you we will be pleased to offer you alteration services. These services come at an extra cost and prices differ from gown to gown.

Cancellation Policy

Consignment agreements may be cancelled at any time in writing with a 24 hr written notice. A cancellation that is LESS than 30 days from initial listing will acquire a fee of $75.00 and payment will be required upon collection of your item. 

Purchasing Terms

Purchasing a wedding gown is a very exciting time. However, we understand that a wedding gown is the most expensive article of clothing one would likely purchase and you may need some time to "sleep" on it. With this in mind, we allow you to make a 25% non-refundable, transferable deposit to hold your gown for a maximum of 1 week (7 days) at which time 50% payment is due if you choose to purchase. Your initial deposit will go towards the purchase price. The remaining 25% is due within 30 days of initial deposit date.


All sales are Final

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