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Check out our most common asked questions here but please do not hesitate to send us a note if you can not find your answers. We love hearing from you.





Do I need an appointment?


Yes. We are a small boutique that offers a private, intimate setting just for you and your 2 guests. You can expect a full hour of one on one attention with our experienced consultant  to try on as many gowns as you wish. 


Do you charge for Appointments?

While we do not charge for your appointment, we do require a credit card when booking and will only be charged a fee of $100 in the event of a no-show or last minute cancellation. 


Who may I bring to my appointment?


We recommend limiting your guests. Our space comfortably allows for you and 2 guests. While in exceptional circumstances we may allow for extras. Please discuss this option prior to booking your appointment.

How much do gowns cost?


We have a great selection of gowns in every price range. From as low as $300 to $2500. Our gowns are sourced from local brides who wish their gowns bring much happiness to the next bride as it did for them.


Do you offer layaway?


Layaway is offered only at the consignors discretion therefore we can not guarantee this option for every gown. 

Please be sure to have your shoes and undergarments with you when you arrive for your alterations appointment. These small details make a pretty big impact on how your gown will fit and we want you looking your absolute best! Without these items it could result in alteration “do-overs” which can become a costly affair!


Do you rent gowns?

While we do not rent gowns, occasionally we may choose to re-consign the gown you purchased with us.



How does consignment work?


Gowns are carefully sourced from our beautiful local brides like you! 

To be considered for consignment please email us a picture or designer and style number. If we choose to accept, simply make an appointment online to bring your gown in. We choose gowns that are in like-new condition, trendy (less than 5 years old) and clean. Gown cleaning service is offered to consignment gowns only for a $75 fee.

Consignment works on a 60/40 split for you. When your gown sells we will notify you and make payment arrangements. 


What if my gown does not sell?


In the rare event your gown does not sell you can arrange a time to collect your gown, or arrange to have it donated.


How long will it take for my gown to sell?


While we can not give a time frame that a gown will sell in, generally we see them go within 1 season. We require all gowns to stay with us for a minimum of 30 days to give us a chance to market them. If you choose to collect within 30 days you will assume a $50 fee to collect. 


When do I pay for Alterations?

Alterations must be paid for within 7 days of invoice and picked up within 30 days of invoice. A 10% fee apply to late payment. Gowns picked up later than 30 days will incur a storage fee of $30 per month. Delinquent accounts will result in the gown becoming the property of Monique's Sew Unique.

When should I come for my first fitting?

We recommend coming in for your first fitting 3 months prior to your wedding date to allow enough time for arranging appointments and having the work done. In some cases we may recommend waiting or coming in sooner.

How much do alterations cost?

While this is the most asked question, it is hard to answer. To be safe, budget for $500 unless your gown requires some drastic changes. Alterations needs can very so much. You may only need a hem, but it could require taking the lace applique off and reapplying which is very time consuming. You may only require a bust alteration of 1/4" but your gown has a heavily beaded which is not only time consuming but requires intricate work.

Email us a picture or designer details including style number to have your gown considered for our collection!

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